Saturday, May 23, 2009


The reasons stated behind the abortions by working women are: They want a small family; they want better career prospects; they want a male child and they do not want daughters. Many of these women justify sex selection and abortions because they think that if they deliver a baby boy then they are looked upon in the family. Also, they do not want their daughters to suffer the hardships a girl has to face. Besides that they find themselves unable to afford the dowry expenses the parents of a girl child have to bear. "Since maintaining the high living standards has become so expensive, who will save for her?" say modern mothers. These are the 'serious' reasons these literate and modern women give for not giving birth to a girl child. But they are forgetting that had their mothers thought the same way, they would have also met the same fate.
The main problem is that if women themselves become the party to problem then how can we think about finding the solution?
Another ironical problem of laado is the dowry demands and torchure given to the daughters for that.Today, parents don't even want their daughters to study higher as a well-educated groom is likely to demand more dowry.


  1. I didnt get ur point freind.of course the deed comes prior to money.Please let me know the flaws,so that i may improve it.

  2. hey nevin,we need money to go ahead with this deed ,i promise i will spend all the income of this blog to win this battle of saving the girl child.

  3. hmmm! yes yes! but somehow the whole thing doesnt seem noble!

  4. halo , nice to meet you
    Iam agree with Nevin , I think you must apply adsense, oke